Since September 2019, I'm a Research Fellow in Analysis
in the Analysis Research Group at the University of St Andrews.

Previous affiliations
Feb 2019 - Aug 2019, assistant lecturer, Budapest University of Technology and Economics
Sep 2016 - Jan 2019, assistant research fellow, Alfred Renyi Institute of Mathematics

e-mail: itk1[at]
room: 330 in the Mathematical Institute building
links: MathSciNet, Google Scholar, arXiv
link to old webpage at BME in Magyar

Research interests

  • Fractals and its applications: dimension theory of self-affine planar carpets and non-linear iterated fucntion systems, local regularity of zipper fractal curves, Hidden Markov chains, absolute continuity of the Blackwell measure.
    Poster about zippers and about planar carpets.
  • Random graphs: shortest paths in small worlds, Random Apollonian Networks, general inhomogeneous random graph model of Bollobás-Janson-Riordan, algorithmic consequences.
    More detailed description can be found here, which won first prize at the 2015 BMe Research Grant. Further posters in the topic: one in hungarian IHRG, other in english RAN.